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Fluorescent Water Bullet Gel

Fluorescent Water Bullet Gel

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If you're looking for an amazing visual experience in the dark, look no further than our Fluorescent Water Bullet Gel. These balls glow in the dark thanks to their green fluorescence, and they'll make your nights spent shooting guns even more fun! With 3000-9000 pieces to choose from, you'll never run out of ammunition, and they're perfect for summer night shooting games. They're also super easy to clean up afterwards - just use some water and they'll come right off. So don't miss out on this unique product - order your Fluorescent Water Bullet Gel today!





Item Type: Fluorescent Water Bullets
Material: Plastic
Color: Light Green
Diameter: 7~8 mm
Instructions: Recharge in advance or use with tracer
Suit for: Night Airsoft Game

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