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Ear Covers for Shower

Ear Covers for Shower

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Introducing our Baby Ear Protection and Waterproof Stickers - the ultimate solution to keep your little one's ears safe from water during bathing and swimming after three months of age. Water in the ears of babies can be dangerous and may lead to otitis media, but our ear protectors are here to solve this common problem. These practical tools serve as covers to shield your baby's ears from water during showers, shampooing, or haircare routines. Crafted with a professional design, the easy-to-tear back sticker protects the adhesive layer before contact with water. The breathable and waterproof PU membrane ensures hypoallergenic softness for your baby's comfort. These stickers are also suitable for various occasions, including protecting skin from friction and moisture during pedicures, providing a soft and comfortable experience. With our Baby Ear Protection and Waterproof Stickers, you can ensure your baby's ears remain safe and free from water-related discomforts. Protect your little one and embrace carefree bathing and swimming experiences today!





Item Type: Ear Covers
Material: PU Plastic
Package Dimensions: 6.81 x 5 x 0.89 cm
Item Weight: 18 g


Package Includes:
30 Pcs x Ear Covers for Shower

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