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Cute Caterpillar Phone Holder

Cute Caterpillar Phone Holder

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Looking for a fun, functional, and absolutely adorable way to keep your smartphone within easy reach? Look no further than the Cute Caterpillar Phone Holder! This charming little guy is more than just a pretty face - he's also a handy way to prop up your device while you're watching videos, chatting with friends, or working from home. Made from durable materials with a powerful suction cup base, the Cute Caterpillar Phone Holder can be attached to almost any smooth surface - making it perfect for your desk, countertop, or even the wall. Plus, his cute worm-like design means he's always happy to lend a helping hand - or six! - whenever you need it. So go ahead and take your hands-


Product Specifications:
Material: high density rubber
Product size: about 51*1.74*1.74cm/20.07*0.68*0.68in
Packing size: about 13.5*10.5*4.5cm
Weight: about 220g

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