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2 Pieces Chakra Pendulum Crystal

2 Pieces Chakra Pendulum Crystal

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Introducing our 2 Pieces Chakra Pendulum Crystal! This beautiful piece is perfect for desk decoration, home ornament, and office. Made of polished stone, it's a delicate gift for Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary and other meaningful occasions. The facets of the stone will enhance the colour and enrich its own beauty. It's also said to balance the stress of life and release anxiety. Order yours today!


Package Content and Size Information: 
Including 1 piece of 7 chakra dowsing pendulum 
and 1 piece of Natural Amethyst Pendulum, 
Diamond Shaped Pendant measures 41mm/ 1.6 inches in length, 25mm-26mm/ 1 inch wide, 
Chain Length: 9.8 inches 
Overall Length: 11.3 inches

Sturdy Material:  
made with strong bronze 9.8 Chain and solid resin measures 41 x 25 mm faceted pointed Pendant with natural polished tumbled gemstones inside

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